Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summary of Podcasts

Sophie Centi
Summaries of Podcasts
            This first section is showing how in different languages, things can be translated in different ways. The President of Iran said a phrase that translates to a trivial saying. Many people were awed by what their president said, but they also know he has a different style. The second section is talking about a man who is living in Greenland for a year to learn about the countries “northernmost dialect”. They talk about the small population, and he will be staying at for the time period. Also, he says how it is going to be a very different life style. He will eat sea animals such as narwhal, walrus, and seal. They say that global warming will most likely have an effect on these people within in the next 10-15 years. The third section is about foreign movies. They believe that not many people are watching these movies. They are trying to increase the amount that these movies are watched by putting them on Netflix and On Demand. The movies have to be good to be watched. The last section is about a woman who is stating that directions in Urdu are hard to understand. This language has the same word for going straight and turning right. A reporter named Sofia Javed was explaining how they would approach a roundabout and the man would be saying a word that meant right or straight. The driver would go right, but other man wanted him to go straight. The two meaning word confused the driver and made the man telling the directions angry.

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