Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Question 6

Dear Readers,
       These Crusades were are fighting in are not right. I feel that because I have won this area, I fought for this land, and I have conquered it, I deserve the land and can share it with among who I wish. These wars are unjustified and Richard the Lionhearted is killing some of my people in trying to get the holy land. I feel that if I can have the power, I will share generously with the people who want to obey me. If Richard the Lionhearted would like to surrender to me and give up in fighting for the holy land, I will be willing to share Jerusalem and let his people freely come to visit. 
       All of the fighting is making the holy land a place of harm and killing when it is a holy land of peace. All of our saviors have come here and we need to embrace it instead of fighting over it. It would be best if you just let me own this land  and we can all work together in keeping it safe. I will keep the land harm free when people surrender to me and come to visit happily.

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