Friday, May 20, 2011

The History of Sophie's Freshmen Year

       Sophie Centi came to the John Carroll school not knowing what was going to happen. The year began off when she played varsity soccer. She had a lot of fun and learned more as the season went on. Soccer is her favorite sport so it was good to start the year off with. Her most embarrassing memory was from soccer where the seniors made the new players were hideous bathing suits on the beach and boardwalk on the New Jersey trip. It was basically humiliating, but also fun because she was doing it with the other new people on the team and getting a good laugh. During this time, she was obviously also learning a lot in school. Sophie always had to look at her schedule because she couldn't remember what class came next and the confusing mod system. Eventually, she got it under control and only had to check her schedule sometimes. Sophie was also battling her brother's embarrassing attacks in the hall ways. It was funny, but quite unexpected. The first quarter went by fast and soccer was soon over. She then tried out for the basketball team! Sophie played junior varsity basketball and she had a great time! The coach and teammates were very fun. Before many games, she and her friends would take a cold walk to Italian Sensation's and stop by Smoothie King for the way back. Before she knew it, exams were here!! Studying like crazy, Sophie wanted to get really good grades on the tests. Unfortunately, her grades were not as good as she wanted, but they did not diminish her overall grade so she was not too terribly upset. Once basketball season ended, lacrosse was here! Sophie played junior varsity lacrosse and enjoyed the season, but was also very focused on her club and state soccer teams. Lacrosse season sadly only lasted about two months. Sophie had a great time with her friends and all of the fun games they played at practice. Once lacrosse ended, Sophie had more time to relax, but still focused on soccer. The year is almost over now and exams are coming soon. She will be studying very hard because she wants to do better this time.
       Overall, my freshmen year was pretty good! Although I had to battle the "freshman duties" for sports and jokes from her brother, it really was not as bad as some people make it sound. Sophie was very happy to receive first honors the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters and hopefully she can pull of the 4th quarter too. Even though she did have a good year, she is done with school and can not wait until summer! She had so much planned and does not want it to go by too fast. Sophie had a great freshmen year and met tons of knew people!

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