Monday, May 23, 2011

The Worst Job in History

     All of the horrible historical jobs that we saw were very awful, but I think being the barber/surgeon would have been the worst. This person had to perform many tasks that not only were crazy and may not have worked, but also just downright disgusting. As the barber, they used very sharp knives to cut the hair because they didn't have scissors and if they cut someone that would have been really gross. Also, they had to sometimes do amputations and other surgeries on people who are wide awake because they didn't have medicine to put people asleep. Another gross thing is how they had to give them medicine. Sometimes, if the person was very sick and couldn't take medicine through there mouth, they had to take it at the other end with a metal funnel that they stuck inside a person about 6 inches. There is no way on earth I would be able to handle doing any of this
     The second job I think was really gross was the wise woman. She also had to do many tasks that were very weird because of what they believed in. If someone had a very sore throat, they would tie worms on a string around your neck until the worms died and once they died, you throat should have been healed. If a person had warts, she would have to cut a live eel's head off and rub the blood all over the wart then bury the eel's head and eventually the wart would go away. Also, there was a stew she made to cure people. This was made with worms, bread, and another ingredient all chopped, mushed, and stirred up then cooked over a fire. I cannot believe people would actually drink this because I do not even like touching worms.

         All of the jobs were horrible and I am very happy I live in my time period now where there are computers and good useful medicines without disgusting procedures.

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