Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Question 2

The Agricultural Revolution was very important for many different reasons. It allowed the cities to grow, more technology to be made, domestication of animals, easier for trade, and cultures began to become more developed in their ways of life. Without the agricultural revolution, the world may not have been as developed today.
     History world says, "But between about 8000 and 350 B.C., increasing numbers of humans shifted to dependence on cultivated crops and domesticated animals for their subsistence. By about 7000 B.C., their
tools and skills had advanced sufficiently for cultivating peoples to support towns with over one thousand people, such as Jericho in the valley of the Jordan River and Catal Huyuk in present-day Turkey" ( Once animals were domesticated, they could be used for many different ways instead of people having to do as much. Now that there were settled down communities, people could trade their goods to others who don't have them and for what they need. This could make people want to live near each other to trade quicker creating developed cities. Now they can create many tools and equipment for the animals to help do their work too.,27.158203&spn=40.112049,79.013672&t=h&z=4&msid=206207503437094631209.0004a5349bfc78fac7669

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A society in the future where agricultural has collapsed would be very bad. It would affect the world negatively in a few ways. Human health, the uses of natural resources, trade, and animal domestication could all change in a bad way. It was the agricultural revolution that started all of these things and a agricultural downfall that could ruin or get rid of all of these things.

A world in the future may be much more diverse in mechanical technologies, so they would not have much use for animals. Also, the people may not eat farm grown food as much and just go to processed stuff because its easier and they have access to it. This could make people get fatter. With all of the mechanical things being used, natural resources like coal and oil will get used up very quickly. The U.S. needs to see whats going on and prevent an agricultural decline or we will be in trouble.

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  1. Good point about the broader implications of the domestication of animals.