Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daily Question: 3/17/11

Please take a picture of something in your own neighborhood or town that appears to have been influenced by Ancient Rome.
(I will take a picture of the road near my house when I get home; I just didn't have time last night)

     Roads are very important structures that were tremendously influenced by the Romans. The Romans have credit for being the first civilization to create and use roads. Even though our roads today may be a little bit better, the Romans had the fantastic idea, especially for their time period, and theirs were still very reliable. I can see that our roads were influenced by the Romans because they have many similarities. For example, Roman roads had something on them called a crown. This meant it was higher in the middle than the outside so water or waste could drain out the sides into gutters, which we also have. The roads today in the United States have the exact same thing. If the Romans did not invent that, we might not have had it now and we would be having to fight bad diseases because of not getting rid of the waste and pollution. We can tell that the Roman roads were constructed very well because there are still some today that are in relatively good shape. The main reason that the Romans created these pathways was for transportation. The paved lanes made all of the commutation much quicker. They would import and export many goods and travel was much easier. Today, we still use roads for the exact same reason. I can't even imagine driving around the county through dirt and grass all day. That would be so unusual!! Thanks to the Romans, we have an easy way to do things that we think are trivial. The Romans had a big influence on roads and our lives now.

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