Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Question: 3/2/11

Describe relations between Egypt and Persia before Alexander came on the scene.

The relationship between Egypt and Persia before Alexander came on the scene was very bad. Egypt was under Persian rule for a time period. If I was under the rule of someone, I probably wouldn't really like them or be 'friends' with them. Not only that, but Egypt had been trying to invade Persia in earlier times. Persia and Egypt were not two countries that got along. I think that is weird because they are countries that are relatively close, so they had to be fighting very often. Once Alexander came into play, he was on Egypt's side. He wanted to be really good friends with Egypt so that they could back up Alexander and his group when they decided to fight the Persians. The Egyptians agreed because they obviously didn't like the Persians. Now, if Egypt wanted to join Alexander in fighting the Persians, the Persians would stand no chance. Also, Alexander wanted to be in good relationship with Egypt so that Egypt could give Alexander and his forces extra supplies if needed. Alexander destroyed Persia with out any help from any other country, so imagine if the Egyptians stepped in too! The Persians would have been so badly defeated. The Egyptians defiantly did not have a good relationship with the Persians before Alexander stepped in.


  1. This is a great post. Here is another link with more information.
    I think it offers some of the same information in a little more detail. Your writing in the post is really great!

  2. LINDSAY!!! I wanted to use that link. But I like this blog a lott. You used a lot of good facts. I agree with you completely that Egyptians did not have a good relationship with the Persians.