Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Question: 3/22/11

Design a Google Streetview architectural tour through Rome.
The tour will begin at the Colosseum, a famous amphitheater that held many gladiatorial games, animals hunts, and dramas. This was a place that many people went to as a tradition. After that, we go out to the Cicus Maximus  to the Left of the Colosseum. The Circus Maximus was the first and the biggest chariot racing stadium in Rome. Then we go back up near the Colosseum and up the road the "Via Sacred". This means Sacred Way in Latin. It is one of the oldest roads in Rome. Further up the road is the Roman Forum. This was the center of the Roman life. At the forum, there was shops, merchants, dining areas, bulletins, and many other things that we have today. It was basically like a mall. People went there all the time also just to socialize. Continuing on, the Temple of Saturn is located a little bit after the forum. This was a temple dedicated the the God, Saturn. Then there was the Rostri. The Rostri was on the front of the building which no longer exists, but it was where the senate stood when there was an election or a meeting. Next to the Rostri was the Arch of Septimus Severo. This was dedicated the emperor Septimius Severus for all of the great battles he had won. Next, there is the court yard. The court yard had a marvelous design on it that Michaelangelo designed. Also, on one side of the court yard was where people got married. The Pantheon is the next building where we would visit. It is a temple that was dedicated to all the Gods. It had a large hole in the top that let in the light for the building. Then there is the Piazza Navona, which is also another very famous chariot racing track, but is much smaller than Circus Maximus. Finally, at the end of the tour, you will reach the Moselium of Augustus. This is the building where Augustus Caesar was buried once he past away.

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