Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily Question: Tuesday 1/25/11

Is modern life always better than it was in the past? 
       I believe that some things are better now in this modern time period than in the past, but everything isn't always better. Yes, we have developed much better health care, technology, education, government, and ways to live. Animals have developed overtime into a better form to survive their climate and habitat. And people have discovered much more, but all these beneficial changes haven't made "everything" better. In the 1900's there were crimes and now in 2011 there are still crimes committed. Even though the law enforcement has gotten better and now there is more advanced technology to stop crimes, there are still horrible events that aren't any better than past events. Not only do we still have them, but it is not like they are minor stealing crimes. People are still badly murdered, abducted, and injured today just like 100 years ago. A huge murdering today isn't better than ones in the past, a murder is a murder, it's horrible anyway around it. For instance, just in recent times, there was a political event in Arizona where a man came to the event and shot and killed and/or badly injured many people. The only reason why he did it was because he didn't believe in their political views. In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered while giving a political speech by a person who just didn't agree with what King was saying. Both of these events are related, and there are still crazy people out in the world today as there was in the past.  Saying this, obviously not all people have become "better" than people in the past. Also, today we are still fighting in wars and there are genocides just like the past. The U.S. has been at war with Iraq and Afghanistan for quite some time without a plan just like the war in Vietnam. I do agree that some things are better in modern times than in the past like how life, technology, and the world have developed more, but everything is defiantly not "always" better in the present than in the past. 

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