Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Question: 2/10/11

 "Structures, both social and physical are continually improving." agree or disagree (from @thecorcoran)

I defiantly agree with the statement "structures, both social and physical are continually improving" because I believe there is much evidence to support this. My first example is from something we have talked about this week. The megaliths on Easter Island represented heads of something, and during the time period of which these structures were made, I don't know of many statues built of actual people like today. Today, our structures made out of materials somewhat like the ones used in the megalith time are usually very well sculpted people, buildings, or symbols in general. This shows that the structures have greatly improved. If you look at the picture below, you can see the difference.  That is a physical improvement, but a social improvement is our language. We don't have that much evidence, but we think of the barbaric times as people not talking very correctly, and not having a certain written language. Obviously the branch of knowledge about language has improved if we have a diversity of languages with many grammar rules. The improvement in the structure of  languages has further increased the social part of our world. If we didn't have these social and physical improvement, we would  not be as advanced today. The structure of our language is very important so we can communicate with other people. Being able to communicate with others is important so we can create new things and advance our technology by working with others. I think that structures have improved physically and socially in a great way, and I think it will just keep developing into even better things. 

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