Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Question: 2/14/10

 Was Athens really a 'democracy'?

I think that Athens did not start as a democracy, then it developed into one over time from the view points of many different tyrants such as Clisthenes, Hippias, Isagoras, and Pistidus. For example, Hippias at first took over because his father, Pistidus, had died. Hippias was a good leader for some time, but then someone killed his brother and Hippias was very vengeful. He had tortured the murderer and his wife. He had became a terror throughout Athens, and the people had feared him. Clisthenes knew Hippias needed to be removed. Clisthenes got many people together and make a conspiracy against Hippias. Hippias's rule had been taken over by Clisthenes. In 510 B.C., he was one of the most powerful figures on earth, and many things in Greece were beginning to develop a positive change. The people were pretty happy under his rule. Clisthenes had developed the Olympia games where many people would gather for events where any person could compete. There was chariot races, running, wrestling, boxing, etc. The winner would receive a wreath of honor to wear and they got much glory and fame. As you can see, the people enjoyed this stuff under Clisthenes rule. Then a man named Isagoras came into the scene. This man was an Athenian aristocrat who was very against Clisthenes ways. He was friends with Spartans, and he gathered there military force to fight against Athens and Clisthenes. Isagoras won and Clisthenes was removed from power. Not only that, but he was also exiled from Athens along with many other people. The people under Isagoras's rule were very angry and unsatisfied. The citizens of Athens had a huge uprising against Isagoras and on the third day he was forced to surrender. Now the country had no ruler so they let Clisthenes back in the country. He knew that the people needed a say in their future, so he basically let that happen. He had votes where people would put in a different colored stone for either yes or no. Also, he had many group meetings letting all citizens come to have their say in their future. This is the democracy. In the early 5th century, the Persian Empire had fought Athens and Athens, even though outnumbered 2 to 1, had won. Their democracy had succeeded in their first test. This was only the beginning of the attacks from Persia though. The democracy was much better for Athens because the citizens were happy and they had a say in what happened for them. 

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