Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Question: 2/16

 Do you think Socrates got what he deserved? Why didn't he accept exile?

I do not think that Socrates got what he deserved. Socrates just stood up for what he thought because he had a different view on many things. Socrates was a very ugly man. The movie described him as having bulging eyes, a skimpy body, and he his facial features were not proportional. Also, Socrates was very smart, and he studied unusual stuff during the time period. Most people/scientists enjoyed studying the stars or skies, Gods, and heavens. Socrates was interested in studying the people. He wanted to know more about people's thinking and why they think like that. I don't think it was fair for Socrates to be exiled because he was blamed for the Athenian defeat. First, it was Pericles's idea to fight the Spartans because he wanted complete power, and the Athenian people agreed with him. Socrates may not have agreed, but he didn't lead a boycott or something to mess the Athenians up. Once the Athenians had been defeated and they surrendered, they immediately looked for someone to blame because they had lost all their weaponry, triremes, naval force, and much of their population. Socrates was chosen quickly. He didn't accept exile because he probably felt that he didn't do anything. If I was being kicked out of a group because I was accused of something I never did, I wouldn't accept it either. I think Socrates was probably just smarter than the average Athenian and people didn't like him because of that and the way he looked. Also, maybe Socrates tried to philosophize something to the Athenians and they didn't want to believe it, so they didn't like him. Who knows why they didn't appreciate Socrates thoughts,  I defiantly don't think that Socrates got what he deserved. 

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  1. I also agree that Socrates did not get what he deserved. It really is not fair to punish a person for trying to understand certain things. Without his knowledge, we might not know certain things today. It is upsetting to know that people were blamed for certain things that in reality they had no control over. The people of Athens were angry, but that is no excuse for how and why they punished Socrates. Great Daily!!