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Weekly Project: 1/14-18

My Skit to Answer the question:  Is History Created by 'the People' or by Individuals?

Narrator: The story takes place in ancient Athens, Greece in about 465 B.C. At this time, Athens did not have a leader in their democracy because some Athenians turned on Themistocles, but there naval force just came off a great battle with the Persians. Even though Athens was out-numbered, their new boats called triremes and Themistocles's great plan helped defeat the Persians.

The Athenians have gathered at a big meeting spot to make some decisions. 

Damien: I feel that we need a new leader because Themistocles has been exiled.

Athenian crowd member: Yeah, we need to continue our democracy to keep our country strong!

Damien: Alright, we need to have a vote.

The Athenians participated in a vote where they would scratch the name of someone on a rock and put it in the big vase or pot. Then the people would read all of them and decide on the new leader with who has the most votes. 

Damien: The votes have been all read, and Pericles will be our new leader!

Pericles: Now that i'm the new leader of this democracy, I think we need to turn our focus towards the acropolis because the Persians burned it down before we defeated them in our great naval battle. 

Dhaphne: Well what are we going to do? 

Demetrius: We need to build more enterprises to make Athens even stronger.

Pericles: We are going to build the most beautiful structure dedicated towards Athena. It will be made of marble limestone, Pentelic marble, and a new material. It is to have many tall columns and the inside will have a 40 foot statue of Athena because this is to be dedicated to her. I will pick certain people to do each job. It will be called the Parthenon. 

The Athenian people started immediately and constructed this amazing structure. The total cost was over a billion dollars today. It was completed within 15 years.

Dhaphne: This is the most glorious structure I have ever seen. This will show our wealth, power, and artistic talent to anyone who sees or hears about it. 

Demetrius: With Pericles as the leader and this new artistic achievement, our democracy will be even stronger! 

Damien: The only city-state that is equal to us right now is Sparta, but they did not build a Parthenon.

Pericles: That is right, but to be the center of Greek culture and more powerful, we must defeat them in a battle. It is 431 B.C. and I think we need to have a meeting with all the people in Athens to make our next decision. 

Demetrius: I agree I will gather the people now.

Pericles: (to the Athenians) I have called on this meeting because I think we need to battle the Spartans for Athens to have complete power. It will not be an easy war, but I think we can do it. Cast your votes, and we will have another meeting tomorrow to make the final decision.

The Athenians out a white stone in the vase/pot for yes and they put a black stone in for no.

Damien: Pericles, all of the votes have been made and I think it is time to hold the second meeting. 

Pericles: (in the second meeting to the Athenians) All of the votes have been read, and we will fight the Spartans. 

Soon enough, the Spartans invade Athens. 

Demetrius: Pericles, we are trying to defend the country but the Spartans are just too strong! 

Pericles: Just keep fighting we can do this. 

Dhaphne: Pericles, from watching this battle, it doesn't look to good for us. The Spartans have cut off our access to the water so we cannot get any food. Also, many people are getting sick!

Pericles: What do you mean? What kind of sickness?

Dhaphne: I do not know, but because we are all crammed in this area without any food, the sickness is spreading like wild fire, and people are starving!

Pericles: We must find a way to get the Spartans out of here!

Demetrius: More than a third of our people have died from this plague!

Pericles: I underestimated the power of the Spartans, and I think I am becoming sick.

Six months after he was infected with the plague, Pericles dies. Now Athens does not have a leader and the Spartans are still fighting them. Many people are fighting to get into power of Athens. They are in complete chaos and were unorganized. 

Demetrius: I think we need to get out of here and go and fight the people of Sicily.

Damien: Yes we should, lets go now. We will make new weapons, armor, and prepare for this battle.

The Athenians go to Sicily and fight them there. Then, the Spartans come and attack the Athenians. The Spartans totally annihilated the Athenians. It was one of the most brutal wars in history. About 50,000 men were killed, 2 fleets of triremes completely destroyed, and the Athenian military had been crippled. They return to Athens. Then the Spartan come and are going to block off the Athenian resources again.

Damien: What are we going to do! The Spartans are coming back to Athens to starve us out again!

Dhaphne: We will have to see what happens, but we do not have enough power to fight again.

Damien: Now it is 404 B.C. and the Spartans have defeated us, we need to surrender!

Demetrius: Yes we will surrender to the Spartans. 

Spartan Leader: Finally you have surrendered to our great and powerful city-state. You will not get off easy on this though. You are to take down all of your city walls, destroy all of your triremes, and get rid of anything in your navy. 

Damien: We will do all of this as quickly as we can.

Dhaphne: At least we are not under attack anymore even though our power is completely done with. 

Demetrius: Yes, but there must be someone to blame here!!

Athenians: We want to blame Socrates because he was the one who always disagreed with things in our country and he thought differently. 

Socrates was blamed for the defeat of Athens and he was arrested then exiled. Even though he didn't do anything, the people feel that he was the reason for their defeat because they wanted to blame someone. Athens no longer had any power and this was because the Athenians thought they were stronger than they actually were. They underestimated the Spartans military power.

I think that this skit shows that history is created by the individuals and the people. Individuals like Pericles create history because he was the one that had the idea for the Parthenon and wanted to fight the Spartans. Also, Socrates is very well know in history and he is just an individual. History is created by the people because Athens made many decisions together as one group. For instance, the people in Athens decided as one that Socrates was to blame for their defeat and he was exiled. Also, especially because Athens was a democracy, they decided on things together as one by the people's decisions. I think that history is created by both the people and the individuals. 

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