Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Question: 2/9/11

. Why do you think so many conspiracy theories surround the pyramids and the megaliths? Give examples of a few and explain where you think they come from?

I think there are so many conspiracy theories surrounding the pyramids and the megaliths because the people from the areas these two structures come from didn't convey the information about them to other people and so now no one really knows a specific reason. For example, on Easter Island, there were so few people during the time the megaliths were thought to be made that people today don't know an exact reason why they built them. Some conspiracy theories about the megaliths on Easter Island are that the people on this island built them as a hobby because the island was so small along with the population. We don't really know this, but people made up  that theory. This is similar to the pyramids, people in Egypt wrote with hieroglyphics and many people didn't know how to read them, so the reason for the making of the pyramids didn't really get told. Many people examined the pyramids and figured out a lot about them by seeing there chambers, tombs, passage ways, hieroglyphics, artifacts, etc. If we knew more about these people in ancient Egypt or Easter Island during the 1700's, we would know more about these structures. Not knowing much about these architectural buildings just makes us learn more about the cultures and history when were looking for more evidence. I think the megaliths and pyramids are very interesting structures that need to be learned about more globally.  

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