Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Question: 2/23/11

Based on what you know about Aristotle, do you think Alexander had listened carefully to his tutor?

I do think that Alexander listened carefully to his tutor, Aristotle. In Alexander's first attack on the Persians, he was greatly outnumbered. I'm sure people thought that they were going to be brutally destroyed. Even though the Persians had such a large numerical advantage, Alexander the Great had a much better strategy. Alexander had to have been smart to have such a great strategy to defeat a strong force much greater in size. If he really was this smart, it all had to have come from his teacher, Aristotle. Aristotle was a very smart man and he studied many different subjects. He also had many philosophies. Some people describe him as systematic, and if that is true, Alexander the Great most likely learned that from him. Alexander's force broke through the Persian line and the Persians ran away. Alexander the Great had to learn a great deal from Aristotle because Alexander's father, also the king, had hired Aristotle to teach his son. Also, with Aristotle being such a smart man, Alexander must have listened to some of it because his name, Alexander the Great, shows that he was a great figure in history because of his great conquering. The only reason why I would say that Alexander didn't listen to everything that Aristotle said is because Aristotle seemed to be a more peaceful type of person and not the type of person that would want to fight a lot. If that is the case, then Alexander the Great showed an opposite personality in wanting to take over the world and wanting to get revenge on the Persians because of an event that happened 150 years earlier. I still think that Alexander listened carefully to Aristotle though because Alexander was a smart and strategical person in his time.  

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