Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Question: 2/3/11

Describe the importance of water in the ancient world.

        Not only is water very important to people now, but it was even more essential to people in the ancient world. Today, we use water for many things such as brushing our teeth, showering, plumbing, its in our food, hydration, cleaning, sewage systems and many more uses. Humans can only go about three days without water or their kidneys will fail, so you can see the importance in having to drink water. In the ancient times, they used water for most of those incidents and more. More people had farms in the ancient times so they needed to supply water to all of their crops if there was a drought. Also, they have to feed and hydrate all of their livestock so they can survive.  Some people had to make houses with clay and they needed water to moisten clay.  Water is a very important, essential part of our lives now and all the way back to the ancient times. 

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