Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Question: 2/7/11

What is the oldest human-created artifact that has mattered to you? Why/how does it matter? (from @butwait on Twitter)

    The oldest human-created artifact that has mattered to me is probably the pyramids. First, I don't know of many human-created artifacts besides that. Second, I think it is really interesting why they were made, the designs on/in them, and the shape of them. Many pyramids were used as tombs for important people like the pharaohs. There were many chambers for the different people. There is a kings chamber and below it, a queens chamber. Also, there were many passages so the people could get to and from the chambers. I think that it is really cool how even all the way back in ancient Egypt times, people were building things at such enormous size like we do now, but without nearly any of the special tools and equipment we have now. It shows that the Egyptians must have been pretty smart in the way they built it because they are mostly still standing today. For awhile, obviously not now, there were many pyramids which qualified to be the biggest structures on earth! I think its interesting how the pyramids were made out of a variety of substances like brick, stone, or limestone. One question I have about the pyramids is why did the Egyptians design pyramids in the form they did? Why did they have the four triangular sides coming up to one point? The information about these pyramids is very interesting and I think it would be cool to go to Egypt and see them in person one day! I can't even imagine how big hey are if you just stand and look at them from the ground. 

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  1. I agree that pyramids are one of the oldest artifacts and by far one of the most important. I never realized how many different tunnels and passage ways that there were in pyramids. Without these buildings, our modern- day architecture might not be how it is today.